What to Expect at a Kaleidoscope Imagery Boudoir Marathon Session

I could sum up this whole post with saying that clients can expect a fun, empowering, uplifting, and encouraging experience at their Kaleidoscope Imagery boudoir marathon session, but there is so much more to it! As an artist who works primarily with women, I am bringing my A game to make this experience truly unforgettable. Before walking out the door, each and every one of my clients will unleash their inner goddess and feel how brightly they shine.

How the session flows

Boudoir Marathon sessions take place at South Jersey Photography Collective, my Burlington, NJ studio. Your experience begins with professional makeup with the incredibly talented Casey Jane Dickerson and a mimosa if you would like one! Once it is your time in front of the lens, I will guide you through posing and direction to bring out your inner and outer beauty. You will be amazed at the results! You are GORGEOUS, girl. I repeat, you. are. GORGEOUS. After your session is complete, you will sort through your photos with one of our friendly studio assistants and choose your favorites. You will receive your favorites in both digital files and in a sexy little black book for you to either cherish or give as a gift.

Self Love is Sexy!

I’m not talking about ego here… I’m talking about the beauty in loving and accepting yourself right here and now as you are. Little black books are amazing Valentine’s Day gifts, but the bigger goal of these sessions is to give women the space to learn more about themselves, to be free to find their inner fire. Seriously, something magical happens within these sessions, and I can’t wait to offer that to you!

The Details

This experience is less than a $500 investment, from professional makeup to the little black book in your hands. Want to learn more? Please fill out the contact form so I can send over the break down.

Kaleidoscope Brides Get Some Extra LOVE!

Are you a current or former Kaleidoscope bride? Girl, I LOVE YOU! It’s completely true, I love ALL my brides! Come get yourself some photos! Your professional makeup is ON ME.

And now… Please check out my session with Alyssa. I died over this session, and I think you’ll see why.

With love,


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