Associate Shooters

Kaleidoscope Imagery is growing! We are thrilled to be expanding our services to meet the needs of more families and couples. Our photographers are the bees knees, and we can't wait to show you why! In addition to having shot many of their own sessions and weddings, all Kaleidoscope shooters have been trained on site during real, live events. They have worked closely alongside Nicole to learn the details of the Kaleidoscope Imagery brand and style. They value our core mission and understand what makes our galleries unique. When you hire an associate shooter, you can trust that you are hiring the heart of our studio. All galleries are processed by our editing team and carefully reviewed by Nicole (studio owner and lead photographer) before delivery.


Here is our wonderful team!


My name is Kristen Catoe and I am utterly drawn to joy. Smiles, laughter, the giggles... of course! But honestly, I'm chiefly attracted to the mundane, hard work, daringly romantic, consciously chosen, diving in with both feet kind of sacrificial happy. The kind of joy you're striving for as you plan your wedding day. See, you and I both know that life is hard work and love doesn't always come easily. But there is such beauty and jovial-sing-song-magic when we pause life's chaos to gather each other up and savor the scope of all there is to be grateful for.

Maybe that's why I adore weddings so much and have saturated my life in them for over 15 yrs now, first in the event planning capacity and now as a photographer. On your wedding day I'll bring experience and knowledge and a whole lot of camera gear. But mostly, I'm there to be your biggest, third-wheeling cheerleader. Your wedding is about you and about your love. And it is nothing but a humbling honor to step into your world and beautifully seek out and document all that makes you both uniquely, wholly, simply you.