5 Reasons I love Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

There are so many reasons to love newborn lifestyle sessions!

Kaleidoscope Imagery recently captured Evelynn’s newborn lifestyle session in Summit, NJ. The gallery is a great representation of what these sessions offer! Authentic candids and timeless portraits fill the images, while your home creates the setting to fully preserve this season of life. You will not only remember your baby’s little fingers and toes, but also the first books on her shelves and the way the light flowed into her room. Here are some of my favorite reasons to love newborn lifestyle sessions.

1. They are natural and only loosely posed.

By allowing you to be yourself and interact naturally with your loved ones, the true essence of this time period will shine through. I want you to look at these photos and be brought back to the moment. I hope they trigger real memories within you where you can almost feel your new baby in your hands again. That’s the magic photography can provide.

I should add that you can expect some posed portraits in your gallery as well. You really get the best of both worlds!

2. They have a lot of variety.

Many areas of your home set the stage for a large collection of images. After a brief tour of your home, I will identify all the best pockets of light, angles, decor, and pieces of your story. You will be surprised when you see how versatile your home is, and how it can become its own studio before your eyes!

3.They showcase your home.

You’ve worked so hard on this nest, mama. Let me help you show it off! I have the utmost admiration for the preparation and choices you’ve made to welcome your new baby home. Whatever your style is, I can’t wait to help it shine in photos. Your gallery will include shots of the crib, the nursery, wall decor, your master bedroom, your living room, and anywhere else that tells your family’s story. After having 2 kids of my own, I know the nesting desire is real and that us mamas work hard to make a house a home. Let’s celebrate that!

4. They allow you to be comfortable.

Can I get a heck yes to no travel time and all supplies on hand? After baby arrives, you will treasure your time, space, and comfort. Lifestyle sessions are perfect for this. If you or baby needs anything at all, it’s right there. Newborn sessions are quite long as it is (2-3 hours usually), so taking out a commute is helpful. I am happy to bring the photo party to you!

5. Great for siblings and fur-siblings alike!

You guys, I really think I need to do a blog post just for the fur babies getting to know their new human brothers and sisters. They are just the cutest, best photos EVER. Pets are so loving and protective of their owners, so when a teeny new human arrives, there is tons of sniffing, giving kisses, and being overall very curious. These photos are always a hit, and best suited for the home, not a studio. As for human siblings, well, usually they come in toddler form. They often need as many breaks and snacks as the newborns do. I have found that being in the home keeps toddler siblings more contented and easier to photograph. The candids of them jumping on the bed, playing, and being themselves in their own environment can not be achieved in the studio.

Is Lifestyle right for you?

I hope this post doesn’t scare anyone away from studio work because I could (and will) do a whole post on why they are pretty awesome as well! The artistry of studio newborn sessions is beyond compare and will turn your sweet new arrival into a masterpiece (even though come on, he or she already is!). It all comes down to your personal taste and what you value in photos. However, if the list above resonates with you, there’s a great chance that lifestyle is the way to go. If you have any questions, please contact me to chat more. I love to help!

And now for the session I shot in Summit, NJ with baby Evelynn. I feel like this session captures so much of what this post expresses. I think you will see what I mean if you take a look! From showing different parts of the home, to sweet family interactions, to yes, of course, an adorable fur-brother, this sessions sums it all up. I really do love newborn lifestyle sessions! If you are considering one for your family, I can’t wait to chat more!

With love,




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